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                                                                             About Our Business

Spotlight Referral is founded on making Dreams come true or at lest say you tried.

It is our goal, first, high priority getting you seen and heard.  We work with new developing artist / actors.

Spotlight Referrals team (A&R/Casting/Booking) is made up of the music industry, Nominees- affiliated  BMI Writers, Publisher.

We have worked with companies like ASCAP, BMI, Capitol, MTV, 20th Century Fox, Disney, TNT, Pepsi, and many, many more.

We guarantee you will always be thoroughly listened to by one of our pros no second stringers. Our A&R team was picked for their attitude. Our
Casting/Booking/A&R staff will do what no other Staff in the industry will do for you  give friendly, objective feedback, and powerful suggestions
that can dramatically help you.

The Best Way to Be Booked / Signed

If you’re trying to land a Leading role, want to be an extra, record deal, book a gig. Nothing works better than sending out your profile to hundreds
of casting directors, sending out thousands hard copies or  hitting  the road, playing hundreds of gigs, and selling thousands of CDs from the
trunk of your car.

If you are an Actor/Actress, moving to Austin, Hollywood, or New York and “paying your due” is often the best way to go.If you are a songwriter,
moving to Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville and “paying your dues” is often the best way to go.

But, can you just walk away from your life, your job, your family, Okay, that might be tempting, but let’s get real! You need help to get you to the right

Spotlight Referral will help you do that no matter where you live. We get the request, then give you the exact details about what type of talent they’re
shopping for.

When you see a specific request that looks like it’s a good match for you, just let us know what casting/listing notice it is and we submit your
material- Profile/Music demo PK. Or EPK style (you must supply the material needed for booking)

When Your Music/Talent/Acting Profile Makes The Grade

When your music/acting profile is on target for what the listing/casting company has asked for, we send it directly to the person who requested it.
Then we let you know who it was sent to. If they love what they hear/see, they’ll call us. We make sure the audition/booking date is right for you
and them That’s what makes Spotlight Referral such a powerful tool for you —We’ll always be responding to somebody who is on the prowl for
your type of Talent.

Tips From The Top Guns

Your music/profiles needs to be up to the task. And if it’s not quite ready yet, Spotlight Referral will help you get it ready. Not only do you get to take
advantage of Spotlight Referrals’ relationships with many of the biggest fish in the entertainment business, you’ll also get helpful, feedback from
our A&R/Booking/Casting staff.


Q: Who  Does Spotlight Referral work with, Major or Independent?

A: Both, We work with top Music Publishers, Independent Labels, Producers, Managers, Film and TV  Casting Directors, Music Supervisors, and
Instrumental Music Libraries on a very regular basis. Spotlight Referral also has successfully placing music in TV shows

Q: Can I get my Casting Calls / listings by email?

A: Absolutely, it is necessary that you have an E-Mail for Booking/Casting calls (notices)  that’s the best way to get them. Just give us your email
address, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll receive listings daily —you will need to snail mail all the info if you sign up with Spotlight Referral. Other wise
if you just want our FREE Casting Calls / listings, you will receive all Spotlight  Referrals’ FREE casting calls, No one will contact you, No contract
is needed.

Q: What kinds of deals has Spotlight Referral Talent have signed?

A: Our Talent have signed just about every kind of deal imaginable. Record deals with major and independent labels, single song deals, multi-
song deals, staff writer deals, video deals, and deals for film and TV Commercial placements. In fact, some of our Talent has had their music on,

Q: What’s Spotlight Referrals’ “Success Ratio”?

A: Our success ratio for those who score deals usually runs about 7% per year. The number is probably a little higher, but not all those who get
deals remember to call and let us know

Q: Does Spotlight Referral take a percentage?

A: Yes, if you sign up and we represent you we get 10% of all bookings, if you just receive the FREE casting calls there is no Commission fee.

Q: Why do these companies tell Spotlight Referral what they’re looking for?

A: Spotlight Referral has earned the respect of the music, film industry by maintaining an extremely high level of quality in the music, talent we
send them. Simply put — they trust us.

Q: What styles of music are most frequently requested?

A: People come to us looking for all types of music. If you can find it on a chart, in a movie or TV show, chances are somebody is looking for that

Q: Can’t I just buy a directory or “tip sheet” and send my music to record companies myself?

A: No directories in the world will help you if you don’t have personal connections — most labels don’t accept unsolicited material. Spotlight
Referral has built a colossal network of personal relationships with key music industry executives. You can rest assured your music won’t fall on
deaf ears.

Q: How good do my demos have to be?

A: It’s hard to imagine an A&R person saying,  I really love this music, but this demo was only done on a four-track, I think I’ll pass.” They’re
looking for hit songs and unique artists, not great engineers! But do make them your best possible.

Frankly, Spotlight Referral Isn’t For Everybody

Spotlight Referral isn’t for everybody. We created this company to give insider information and access to the people who are most serious about
having a career in the music or acting business. If you want to keep your music, acting talent as just a hobby, than you might just want to apply as
an extra on TV shows/ Movies or Spotlight Referral may be more than you need.

Success Is Earned, Not Handed Out

The Entertainment business is very competitive, but if you don’t run the race, you have no chance to win. It’s up to you to decide if you want to
compete or watch from the sidelines.

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up with “Spotlight Referral”

•        Daily opportunities to pitch your music to Major and Indie Record Labels, Top Music Publishers, and Music Supervisors, Casting Directors
working on film and TV projects.

•        We have opportunities in nearly every conceivable genre of music.

•        Detailed, written feedback from our A&R staff. It is like having A&R people, pro songwriters, music supervisors, and top record producers as
your own personal team of coaches.

•        A professional staff you can call for advice on pitches, questions about opportunities, or just about any other question you might have.
Imagine that — a company staffed by helpful experts.

•        You’ll also get tons of ideas to help you build a career in the music or acting business.

•        Finally, you’ll get something you probably don’t have right now. The opportunity to get yourself heard or seen by people who are looking for
what you’ve got. That’s what Spotlight Referral is, the most important link in your chain.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, click here to
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For obvious reasons, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a deal through Spotlight Referral. But we will submit your profile/demo