Read Life's Dealing Me A Hand...Hardly Any Man Could Stand
The more You Read "The More You'll Want to know  
about the Couple
Our True Stories
Steven & Tina
Read Stevens hair raising story fighting a 650
pound "Black Bear".  
At an earlier age when Steve was mowing the
yard, a old rusty wire went through a bone in his
leg.  It almost cost him his leg...It would be a year
before Steve was able to learn to walk again.

Making it with what Life has dealt, they both have
had the opportunity to have run and work with the
Big Fish in the Music & Acting Industry...
You will want to read the terrifying true gripping
unbelievable stories Steve & Tina both went through
growing up. Even in their adult hood, how they believe
at times an Evil presents was trying to kill them.  They
feel many of times they were kept from an higher
calling on their life from happening. They have put
together their life true stories that they have
experience as a couple also.
They wrote their own childhood stories, finding they
had always been around each other, lived blocks
away but never knew one another, till later on. You'll
read their Love Story, how God has keep them even at
the lowest, darkest times of their life's. Going through
Bankruptcy Losing all they had... Picking up the
pieces, perseverance, trusting in God got them
through.  They were pulled through court, laugh at,
called names, people were out for blood.  Steve was
able to keep Tina from it, but the truth. Steve was left
alone....after a partnership took from him, leaving him
high and dry.  This left many days Steve said that he
shook uncontrollably not knowing if today would be
the day he would have a nervous brake down...
Asking, " Where are you God?".  

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are liking the stories.  More than anything the couple
hopes for you to get out of the stories  is; No-Matter
what life has Dealt You..You Can Make It!
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Wrestler, Actor
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Hair Raising Chilling Stories- Childhood to Adult Life
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Steve was sent home 3 times from grave
danger illnesses to die.  "The Miracle Baby"
Homeless 4 times; Starting Over. The
unforeseen deaths of family.  The Fight For
Life as Tina tells it; still living with too many
life threating diseases.
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