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Biography notes for Tina E. Taylor

Tina is a variety “Singer” & self taught (chord only) keyboard player, she is recognized in the industry as a “Talent Agent”.

Tina and husband Steven Taylor own and run “Spotlight Referral” Entertainment Company & Spotlight Referral T. Publishing Co.

Tina has open for Major Artist in many states. Numerous Festivals, Radio Stations, Nashville.
Tina/Spotlight Referral has Booked  Hundreds of Artist/Actors in many TV Shows/Movies/Commercials/ & Casino such as:

  • Life Time
  • TNT
  • DreamWorks
  • Spielberg Production
  • Walt Disney  
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Pepsi Commercial
  • CNN Commercial
  • Friday Night Light
  • Wild Fire
  • Into The West
  • Eliha
  • Eye For An Eye (Court Room)
  • Claude Gray’s Country Music USA Show
  • Winstar Casino
  • Barney
  • Invincible

Numerous; festivals, Radio Stations, Nashville
                   Just to name a few

Tina has booked, Non Union/Union, Lead Roles, Principles, Stunts, Doubles for the Stars, Stand INS & Many Extras.
Headliners, Opening Acts, 2nd strings,  And has Provide /Managed/Coordinated all the talent for many Stages as well singing herself.

Raised in OK. A “Chickasaw Member Native American” she has been asked to join the “Who’s Who” in the film industry. And is the only
Oklahoma Talent Agent on “Now Casting which is one of the biggest Casting Companies around.

With 3 Recommendation Letters from the TOP Casting Directors around the world

Tina also held:

Licensed Cosmetologist
Licensed Photographer
Certified Restaurant Manger
D.J. Gospel Station “KEOR”
Adopted Alpha Beta “Little Sister”
Jaycee Member
Was Name “Woman of the Year” in Local Business/Chambers - 1998

Received GED in 1985
Grad. – Business & Office 1990
Tina Taylor/ Bio
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