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Do You have an Original

We are no
w excepting New Unsigned Songwriters/Aritist

Get your music heard by our Publisher: "Steven Taylor".

Every six months we will be pitching one song ( must be an original) from a New Artist (Singer and or Songwriter) to many
Labels and you have radio air

Do You Have a number one Song...A Hit?

You can pitch as many songs you want
We only will except on-line, ready songs.  Up load your songs on Facebook, Myspace, YouTube.
Due to the overwhelming response, we can only provide this serves for 1.00 a song.

We use PayPal, you can use your Debit, Credit Card or Checking account.  If you do not have a PayPal account you can set
one up, easy to sat-up. Or you can send money order.  After you have done this send a link to:

Ask about" Rent A Song"  

Have Questions? Ask Steve:
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