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About Steven L. & Tina E. Taylor
A few short paragraphs about Steven.   At age 50 today with so many of life's tribulations
over coming conquering most all them.  Born August 1, 1961, in Chickasaw Oklahoma.  Light
brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. Steve is the 3rd  child of 5, he has an older brother and
sister. His father which he would not know for years later, and than theres his mother "Joy";
kids, if for any reason you thought about hurting would have Joy to deal with.
His family wasn't even near normal as most know normal to be. Remembering back, Steve
tells being very shy, covering his face many times so people would not look at him, also
His mother Joy, raise the kids working in restaurants & bars or cleaning motels, at one point
she even had a trash service.  Later on there were 2 step dads.  For most days the kids were
left to fin for their selfs;  well until Steven was old enough to cook, clean house. And soon  
Steven would go to work with his mother, all the money went to feed & cloth the others.  
Not long there were 2 more children, another brother & a younger sister by another man,
which they all knew as Dad.

Steve tells of his education being a blur, considering they move back & forth from Durant, to
Dallas, Irvin TX.  Only having a month to graduate Steve had to quit school so the family
would not lose their home...yet again.  His older brother was drinking and into drugs, along
with older sister getting into trouble.  It was always left up to Steven to pay the bills, help
his mother, Even after Steve moved out he still bought holidays, he would sent money to pay
a bill that was a cut off, which were most every month.   

After Steve married the first time, he would find his-self in a life long IRS problems, which
were rightly his families taxes, but he knew they would not help since he never knew to send
in his taxes when he was younger, also after his 2nd wife he paid in 10,000 to IRS, right after
they divorced she turned around and file injured spouse, how the IRS allowed her to do
this?..He saids he'll never know.  So his fight with the IRS continues today.

Married 3 times, they say third times a charm...guessing so he and his wife Tina been married
15 years.  Steven has 2 sons, each one by the other women, he and Tina never had children
together, but Tina had 2 daughters by her first husband, the two girls became more Steve and
Tinas kids, the two lived full time with them after they were older.  

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MEET Tina E. Taylor
A few short paragraphs about Tina.  At age 47 today with so many of life's
tribulations and many life threading diseases, she still feels as an over comer,
 Conquering most all them.  Born July 29th 1964 in Durant, OK. This 1/4
Chickasaw -1/8 Choctaw Native American Indian, with dark brown hair and
eyes. She is the 2nd of 6 children. A sister that was 1 year older than Tina,
( she died  prematurely at age 33 of cancer.  You can read more on her story
from Tina's stories/testamoneies pages).

There were 3 boys and 3 girls, Tina oldest brother, died premature also, killed
by a semi truck on the side of Hwy, just a across the road was on the way
home.  He was one year younger than Tina, than theres' her youngest sister,
and the middle brother still living.  And last her youngest brother.  He also died
at a premature age of 22, just 10 days before his 23rd birthday.  He died in a
car accident...Which most believe there was a friend involved, but with the
deaths of the brothers being so close together, just a year apart, the family
choose not to get into the real reason for the death, knowing it would have
been a long draw out in court which none of  the family was up to it.  

Her Dad and Mother who were divorce & remarried 3 times, later on in life they
would come to know Lord Jesus as their personal savior, which is what has
keep the family after 3 of their children died.  Tina remembering good times
and bad times growing up. Her dad was a shade tree mechanic, really good at
but he was an Alcoholic.  Most his money went toward drinking, parting,
women.  They lived poor because of this.  She saids when he was home and
not drinking they had everything...well to them it was, considering most days
were torment.  Her dad & mom would fight, ending with mom hurt always.

Far as school she and her older sister both quit school to pay bills and feed &
cloth the rest of the kids, you can read more about her stories by click the
NavBar on the left.  She saids she don't know how any of the kids went to
school because most night were spent on the roof top of the house so her dad
could not find them or across the street at the ballpark on the picnic tables,
sometimes they slept in the car if they has one...Later on at age 20 and 9
months pregnant she tells of riding a small yellow bus 3 1/2 hours away to
take a test for her GED, she did not study for just went and took it, passed with
a 76.  That was a new start for Tina

Married 2 times, her first husband was really just a good friend, she saids she
just needed to get away, as soon as she turned 18, she was working at a
lodge and had saved enough money to catch a bus to Joplin Mo. Which is
were her first husband had moved to...After calling her family letting them know
she was fine. But her Dad would not speak to her because she was not
married but living with her friend...So she saids she was going to move but her
friend wanted to marry her, she agree, but told him she did not love him, after 8
years she did divorce. Met Steve 1992, they lived together for 2 years than
married.  Steven and Tina have been happily now 15 years.

Tina has two beautiful daughters by her first husband, saids  their the smartest
kids around.   They home schooled the girls after they reach high school, self
taught she saids, they did not get it from me...
Booking Agent, Singer/Writer, Licensed Cosmologist,
Photographer, Restaurant Manager, Mother, Daughter,
Sister, Wife