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Steven and Tina
The Kangaroo Rat

In my wildest dreams...never would I have
thought it was Possible to break a foot
killing a rat....Read More? Buy Now
Steven "Childhood" Part 1

A child is suppose to have fun and play or at
least sometimes, I can't say there were not
times of playing and trying to have fun, but my
mind was always on what was going on at
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"The Empty Nest"

When The “Nest Is Empty”
After my daughters moved out on their own, I
never knew how much I would miss them.

The day Savannah my oldest daughter came to
me and said she was moving to Wilburton to
be closer to Daniel, my heart sank…
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"Savannah Smiles"

I am such a sentimental person…I think
back even now, I’d told my husband when I
have my first baby… I will call her
Savannah, Seem like yesterday...
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"Today I Sail On"
Life is dealing me a Hand “Hardly Any Man
Can Stand”

I had wrote a song about my husband after
we had married, it seem right for him at the
time.  Little did I know what was in store for
my family…Read More?  Buy Now
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Alcoholic Family

My most recent memory would be when I was
three or four, of my dad coming home after work;
it was like three in the morning. He had spent
his whole week’s earning at the bar, my mom
would be screaming and yelling because he
wanted to fight, he would pull her hair drag her a
round the house she would be fighting back as
my sister and I would be crying...
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Why Me…God?
The words “Why Me God”

As a young child I had said this even as
a woman, I have said this.
JESUS asked; Why hath thou forsaken
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Steven – Teenage…Tears #1    

Mom was suppose to have me a birthday party.  
A party for us kids was just us nobody was ever
invited as a friend, I really did not know other
people would buy you a gift...
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Steven -Childhood / Teen Part 2
age of 9 yrs old my step dads father came by
the house and brought us kids one small
sack of food and said he didn’t know where
mom and my step dad was so when he
pulled out of the yard we didn’t have a drive
way I jumped in the back of his pickup truck
and rolled under the tool box that went from
one side to the other.  At the time I wasn’t
sure why I did but I was glad I did...
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The next Day, after Divorce....

I could not even think let a lone think
straight, I did not want to date anyone. I
was given 2 months pay when I quit.  So
I had enough to pay the first months
rent knew I had to get a job.  I had a half
bed, a 7’’ black and white TV…How was
I going to make it?  I cried and cried the
first night because I was trying to figure
how, what to do, got to thinking…Read
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Steven-Teenage…Tears #2

I’ve been hurt a few times as a teen… where it
was a close call from, life or death.
Once when I was trying to cook for mom so she’d
have something to eat when she got home from
work even though she was a cook at furs café she
never ate so she could save her money for bills or
for food for us kids.  But on this day I had found
about 8 dollars in a phone both under the phone
book someone had left...
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What is “Love?”
understand it.  The Love for God”, “The Love
for Father and Mother”, “The Love for a Mate”,”
The Love for Our Children”,

Of course the list can go on and on…But
really what is it all about...
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Steven Memories Part 1

It’s so hard to recall all the things in your life
when there are a lot of memories, one may try to
forget, like the time when I was around 9 or
10yrs old my older brother caught my older
sister and I smoking a cigarette.  It was only a
butt we found at the park…Read more? Buy Now
“On the Road Again”

Some times this highway between Oklahoma
and Texas seems to be only a block long, we
were always traveling it.  This was around the
time we got to order our class rings in high
school.  I had to pick up coke bottles, throw
papers and mow grass.  Anything I could to
make money. I wanted my school ring like
everyone else, my ring was so nice; it was gold
and black with my football number it also had a
football and a goal post with a track shoe.  It was
emerald with a star burst in the middle of it, a
very good looking ring. Read More? Buy Now
The Day “The Red Dog Chased the Jackass”

While I was sitting here thinking about, was that
day the big red dog was chasing the jackass
down the hwy, wished
I’d had a camera…lol…Only on east side would
you see such
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